Villa Merry

Welcome to Świnoujscie, on the island of Usedom!

Świnoujscie is a well known resort since 1824. The mild climate, wide, sandy beach and pine forests create here an exceptionally good conditions for rest and treatment of many diseases.In addition to air saturated with iodine, Świnoujście offers a variety of treatments, such as: massages, swimming, gymnastics, etc. 
Well treated here primarily diseases of the joints, skin, respiratory, arthritis and thyroid disease.


- two historic villas of the late 19th century, situated in the historic district of Świnoujście seafront, the promenade - about 30m from the beach. In 2012 they have been lovingly restored and modernized. Both buildings were connected by a link which has an elevator, and the rooms and suites newly furnished.
We offer comfortably furnished 1-3 room(s) apartments (15m² - 60m²), each with a private bathroom, cable TV and a refrigerator. Some apartments also have kitchen.
In one of the buildings is a Cocktail-Bar "La Trompa", where you can also spend time with a coffee or cocktail. In our building there is also a massage and hand/foot care.


We wish you a joyful "MERRY" holiday!



ul. Żeromskiego 16
72-600 Świnoujście

tel.:      +48 91 321 2619
            +48 91 321 5836
fax:      +48 91 321 4306